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  • Exchange Program

    Heat Exchanger Plates Exchange Program

Exchange Program

The WCHE Exchange Program is designed to reduce downtime to an absolute minimum. When it is time for service, a refurbished plate pack will be on stand-by for immediate installation.

Reduce Downtime

Keep your plate heat exchanger up and running with WCHE exchange plates. When it is time to regasket, you will have a fresh, reconditioned, regasketed, and ready-to-install plate pack on hand. Downtime is limited to change-out time.

Superior Service

Returned plates are put through the rigorous WCHE reconditioning and regasketing process. With the exchange program, you can be sure that carefully inspected, reconditioned, and regasketed plates will be ready for your next change-out.

A Simple Program

Our exchange program is simple. Exchange our regasketed/reconditioned used plates for your plates that are in need of regasketing /reconditioning. You are charged only for the new gasket and labor to clean, inspect, and regasket your old plate for our next exchange customer.

Exchange Program Provisions:
  • A customer request is made in advance of a planned change-out. Reconditioned and regasketed plates are shipped to the customer.
  • Within two weeks the customer returns their used plates to the WCHE Service Center.
  • There are no additional charges except in the event of one of the following circumstances:
  • - The customer fails to return the used plates.

    - The returned plates are of a different material than those ordered by the customer.

    - The returned plates fail a dye penetrant test or fail a visual inspection for excessive wear and pitting.

  • For these occurrences, an appropriate additional charge will be invoiced.

The exchange program is available for a limited number of plate types. Please contact the WCHE service center for additional information.

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