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  • GEA Heat Exchangers

GEA Heat Exchangers

We have a large inventory of GEA Heat Exchangers parts, GEA is a advance heat exchangers mainly used for power plants and heavy duty marine engines. WCHE is the service partner for all type of GEA Heat Exchangers. We have Shell and tube heat exchangers, Double pipe heat exchangers, Plate heat exchangers, Condensers, evaporators, and boiler. We supply all type of parts relevant to GEA heat exchangers

GEA NT Series :

NT100M NT100T NT100X NT150L NT150S NT250L NT250S NT350S NT50M NT50T NT50X NT50M
NT-100M NT-100T NT-100X NT-150L NT-150S NT-250L NT-250S NT-350S NT-50M NT-50T NT-50X NT-50M
NT 100 M NT 100 T NT 100 X NT 150 L NT 150 S NT 250 L NT 250 S NT 350 S NT 50 M NT 50 T NT 50 X NT 50 M

GEA EcoFlex Free-Flow FA / N / NF Series :

FA157 FA159 FA161 FA184NG FA184WG N40 NF350
FA-157 FA-159 FA-161 FA-184NG FA-184WG N-40 NF-350
FA 157 FA 159 FA 161 FA 184 NG FA 184 WG N 40 NF 350


VT04 VT04P VT10 VT20 VT20P VT405 VT40 VT40M VT40P
VT-04 VT-04P VT-10 VT-20 VT-20P VT-405 VT-40 VT-40M VT-40P
VT 04 VT 04 P VT 10 VT 20 VT 20 P VT 405 VT 40 VT 40 M VT 40 P
VT805 VT80 VT80M VT80P VT1306 VT130F VT130K VT180 VT250 VT2508
VT-805 VT-80 VT-80M VT-80P VT-1306 VT-130F VT-130K VT-180 VT-250 VT-2508
VT 805 VT 80 VT 80 M VT 80 P VT 1306 VT 130 F VT 130 K VT 180 VT 250 VT 2508

GEA Laser-Welded Cassettes - LWC Series :

LWC-100T LWC-100M LWC-100X LWC-150S LWC-150L LWC-250S LWC-250L LWC-350S LWC-350M
LWC 100 T LWC 100 M LWC 100 X LWC 150 S LWC 150 L LWC 250 S LWC 250 L LWC 350 S LWC 350 M
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