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  • Leak Detection

    Leak Detection service in Canada

Leak Detection

WCHE is committed to providing its clients with the best at all times, hence we strongly believe in testing each and every plate for leakages. Leakages can cause cross contamination and down size the lifetime of a heat exchanger massively incurring high costs. Which is why, we are committed to testing each and every plate a 100% and not simply do random leakage testing for 10% or 20% of plates to identify the bad ones.

We conduct three kinds of leakage proofing, they are:

Our standard Dye Penetrant testing uses a red dye on the plate side and a white solution on the other to spot any leakages. This conventional method is costly and time consuming but is able to identify any leakage however minuscule and hence is a 100% accurate testing method. This is our most trusted and commonly used choice because of its reliability and effectiveness.

This method of vacuum testing is used for welded or semi welded plates where Dye Penetrant testing cannot be utilized. The drawback of this method is that although it can identify if there is a leakage it cannot pin-point the exact location of the leakage.

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