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  • Plate Exchanger Re-Gasketing

    Plate Exchanger Re-Gasketing service

Plate Exchanger Re-Gasketing

Being a trusted name in the industry, WCHE expanded its services to offer its clients the option to re-gasket their heat exchanger at a economical and reasonable rate. With highly qualified technicians at work our aim is to restore your heat exchanger to optimum efficiency levels and give you the best of services at all times.

Our process for heat exchanger re-gasketing is as follows:

Initially, our team of highly trained experts will carefully dislodge each component of the plate heat exchanger and scrutinize the aspects of each component. Based on deformation, pin holes, corrosion, erosion & cracks each scrutinized component will be evaluated to decide if reconditioning is needed.

The existing gasket will be carefully scrutinized to conclude if part or the entire gasket should be replaced or reconditioned.

It is common for the plates in the heat exchangers to have loose scaling and fouling hence our team of experts will ensure the plates are well cleaned. The cleaning process will vary depending on the level of cleaning needed and different techniques (See Heat Exchanger Cleaning) will be adapted on a case by case basis.

In order to completely eliminate the risk of cross contamination, it is a mandatory process at WCHE that all plates are subjected to the Dye-Penetrant Testing thereby ensuring there are no plates with cracks/ pin holes or any kind of deformation.

Ideally before applying new gaskets it is mandatory to thoroughly prep the gas groove to ensure no residue glue is left over. Our team of experts will ensure such glue is completely removed as otherwise it will considerably reduce operational lifetime and make it impossible to adhere the new gasket. One of the major reasons for costly downtime of operations is when the plates have not been sealed properly. This is mostly a result of a rolled groove and at WCHE it will be identified in the initial stages preventing leakages and costly downtime. Our experts are able to repress the plates and eliminate any deformation hence extending the lifetime at a low cost.

The team of experts at WCHE understand the extreme vitality of correct gasket application in the regasketing process as improper adhesive of the gasket can cause non-conformance, downsize the gasket lifetime, cause corrosion and cracking of the plates during assembly. It is extremely critical that superior bonding adhesive is utilized in regasketing process. The type of adhesive used may vary based on the application and operating conditions of the heat exchanger, the temperature and pressures are also taken into consideration.

Heat curing increases the lifetime of the gasket by a tenfold in comparison to the rubber glued gaskets that are not heat treated. At WCHE, the gaskets that are glued are treated in an Industrial oven for a minimum of 3 to 4hours at temperatures up to 310°.

All plates from WCHE is carefully scrutinized to perfection to ensure that each and every plate is gasket straight, free from deformation or excess adhesive and is solidly bonded together in the correct plate pack sequence. In order for quick and easy installation, all the plate packs will be returned in assembling order when the drawing is supplied.

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