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  • Brazed Plate Exchangers

    Brazed Plate Exchangers for sale in Canada

Brazed Plate Exchangers

WCHE Brazed plate exchanger is your one-stop for all your heating, cooling, condensing and evapourating needs. These plate exchangers are compact in size and work in an efficient manner thereby being one of the most economical choices. The best part of the brazed plate exchangers is that they are maintenance free.

WCHE Brazed plate exchangers use stainless steel plating with copper brazing which makes it anti-corrosive. Being highly resistant to corrosion, these heat exchangers are chosen to be the most economical and efficient option especially in industries like refrigeration and AC cooling. They also have a long run time with no maintenance even under high design pressures.

Each unit is specifically designed to ensure duty optimization with superior thermal performance and of course high reliability. The lightweight brazed plate exchangers has an almost 75% smaller footprint compared to shell and tube exchangers. These heat exchangers can be tailor designed to fit your purpose with optimal pressing depth, plate pattern and configuration for your application.

Ourbrazed plate exchanger is a SMART choice over the traditional heat exchangers and our commitment to continuously innovate and improve our products will ensure you have the best product in terms of technology, efficiency, reliability & economy.

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