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  • Shell & Tube Exchangers

    Shell & Tube Exchangers for sale in Canada

Shell & Tube Exchangers

The Shell & Tube Exchangers is one of the most complex yet efficient systems used in heating liquids and gases. This is commonly sought for oil refineries and high end chemical processes. It is also suitable for extremely high pressure applications.

The shell and tube heat exchanger is one of the most popular heat exchanger due to its flexibility in design which allows for various temperatures and pressures. The shell & tube exchanger consists of four major components namely the shell, tube bundle, front header and the rear header. In this type of heat exchanger the fluid flows within the tubes and over the tubes within the shell to reach the appropriate temperatures.

At Western Canada Heat Exchanger we take pride in manufacturing different variations of the shell and tube exchangers according to the standard nomenclature. You can identify each tube and shell design according to the nomenclature mentioned in terms of letters and diagrams. The front end stationary head types, Rear end head types and shell types can differ according to your requirements. There are multiple options to choose from for example fixed tube exchangers, U-tube exchangers, floating header exchangers. We will design the most economical, efficient and reliable heat exchanger to perfectly fit your needs!

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