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  • Heat Exchanger Cleaning

    Heat Exchanger - plates cleaning services

Heat Exchanger Cleaning

We offer you high tech professional Heat Exchanger / plates cleaning services with a guarantee that you will see a difference in performance and efficiency. There are four types of cleaning techniques that we have adapted. They are:

A common issue with heat exchangers is loose scaling and fouling, our HIGH pressured water cleaning technique is used to completely remove such loose scaling and fouling. In case of extreme scaling and fouling we use a technique of highly pressurized steam cleaning to give you the perfect heat exchanger cleaning solution.

In the case of rigid scaling that can be caused by inorganic salting, and doesn’t dissolve in acidic or caustic solutions, we offer a powder blasting technique. This abrasive technique is also used to remove rust and nuisance dust particles along with rigid scaling.

Hard scaling and tenacious fouling deposits is another common issue with heat exchangers. Super cooled Liquid nitrogen is used to clean such scaling. This is a highly favoured option because there is no cross contamination as with water. Gaskets glued with two component epoxy are submerged in Liquid Nitrogen to remove stubborn glue as well.

A series of carefully selected chemical solutions are used in heat exchanger cleaning. Annually, nearly a million plates are submerged in caustic chemical solutions for a thorough cleaning process. Varying temperatures, concentrations and agitations are used with a combination of alternating chemicals in this cleaning process for maximum benefit and efficiency.

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