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  • Plate Coil Exchangers

    Plate Coil Exchangers for sale in Canada

Plate Coil Exchangers

Plate coil exchanger is a cost effective and efficient choice over the traditional pipe heat exchangers. In immersion cooling and heating applications, plate coil exchangers provide an amplified turbulent flow for the process and service sides.

These plate coils are manufactured using high quality stainless steel or titanium materials, which can however be changed according to client per say.

Immersion Plates

The specialty of the WCHE plate coil exchangers is that you can get the plates according to industry standards in terms of size, thickness and handles (nozzles). Whether as a replacement for existing machinery or a completely new one, these immersion plates are CNC laser welded enabling to fit any purpose. The WCHE immersion plates have longer performance stability and a better run time whilst also allowing direct contact of fluid or steam with the plates.

These plate coils can be manufactured as single plates up to the standard size of 1500 x 3000 mm or custom made according to the required size to be used in larger pressure requirements. Plates can also be banked together to be used for the inlet and outlet manifolds and support lifting systems.

Single Embossed Assemblies

When it comes to flat sanitary surfaces, single embossed assemblies are a more sensible choice. Clients are able to choose from varying sizes and designs of fitting arrangements, structural mounting and other options. These are mainly used for heating or cooling flat surfaces like table tops shelf dryers or web drying systems. These are fully customizable and hence prove to be more reliable and fit to the purpose perfectly.

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