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Plate Heat Exchangers

Are you on the look out for the most efficient yet economical option for your heating energy needs? Look no further, because in Canada when it comes to low cost Plate heat exchangers the most trusted name in the industry is “Western Canada Heat Exchange”!

Our heat exchangers are designed in the most efficient manner using state of the art technology to enable maximum flexibility whilst remaining low cost to our clients. Our superior quality heat exchangers are guaranteed to get the job done with the highest thermal efficiency and the unmatched reliability that comes with the corrugation patterns of the plates that induce turbulent flow that also create a self cleaning effect giving you the added advantage of minimised fouling. Also gaskets are used in sealing which also directs the flow of liquid. These gaskets are guaranteed to be manufactured at the highest quality.

Our heat exchangers use the coefficient plate patterns and different pressure depths to retain efficiency and to also reduce space usage and secondary flow rates. With limited space usage our plate heat exchangers give you the best turbulence designs to transfer heat at the lowest pressure drops whilst allowing for close approach temperatures which is particularly important in heat recovery and regeneration application.

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